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Creating a Guest Room in a Lake Washington, Seattle Home

A friend and client of mine recently moved into a 3 bed house on Lake Washington, Seattle. He tasked me with helping create his guest bedroom.

The living room -- staging furniture

The overall house aesthetic is rustic, with lots of dark wood details. There is lots of natural light due to the many windows, some of which are floor-to-ceiling. I knew that natural elements like wood, stone, and bold textures were key to tying the room together with the rest of the house.

The nook -- how cute!

Goal: Create a guest room

Budget: $2,000

Some design considerations for the room:

  • A large horizontal window on the wall across the door, at about half height

  • A closet to the left of the window

  • A recessed nook in the corner of the room

  • Tan carpeting

I decided on a bold wingback bed frame -- since the bed is under a window, we want something supportive to make the sleeper feel safe and protected. I found a gorgeous linen material from Article with a neutral pale rose color. I worked around the bed frame as a statement center piece and added mostly matching toned pieces like a small rug for the foot of the bed and an accent vase.

I picked an earthy concrete and wood nightstand to tie the different elements of the room together and provide yet another sense of solid grounding for the guest.

Collage of the items I picked out

The nook was interesting because it allows some flexibility -- one could make it into a getting ready corner with a vanity and chair, make it utilitarian by putting a dresser in, or even make a little reading corner. As the primary function for the room was for guests, I decided to put a small dresser there to maximize the rest of the rectangular space. I picked out a dresser with geometric shapes to reflect the bold squareness of the wingback bed, and a rattan arched mirror from Target to bring a bit more light into the area.

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